Who Can Assess Bushfire Attack Level?

Forest Burning Caused By Bushfire

Who Can Assess Bushfire Attack Level?

It’s a sad reality that Australia has more bushfires than any other country in the world.

This is why it’s important to know how to protect yourself and your home by taking certain precautions to prevent any serious accidents.

One of the ways you can do this is by knowing what level of attack your property is subjected to.

This means knowing how vulnerable your house would be during a bushfire attack and who can help you assess this to put the right safety precautions in place.

What Is A Bushfire Attack Level Assessment

A bushfire attack level assessment is a detailed inspection of your home to determine how likely it is to survive an out-of-control fire.

This includes examining the building’s construction, location and surroundings to ensure maximum safety regarding the level of risk that could occur from a direct flame.

The primary purpose of the assessment is to determine if there are any hazards in the area that could contribute towards fires starting or spreading quickly as well as what resources are needed to combat them effectively.

BAL Levels

There are four main BAL levels, each with its own specific guidelines for what the residents are required to do and when.

The BAL levels are set to be as specific as possible for how the ratings affect your property:

  • BAL level 1: no additional building requirements are needed
  • BAL level 2: increased flame spread
  • BAL level 3: increased fire growth
  • BAL level 4 or higher: fire-resistant walls are required in order to resist damage caused by intense heat or radiant energy.


Factors That Affect The BAL Level

There are several factors that are taken into account by professionals when assessing the BAL level of your property.

This includes the location of your property (level of access you have in and out of it), the denseness of vegetation, and whether your property is on a slope.

Once factors are assessed and a rating has been given you can begin to put safety precautions in place unique to your property and its features.

Who Can Assess A Bushfire Attack Level?

In Australia, qualified personnel asses bushfire attack levels to help identify the relative severity of an incident based on factors such as available resources, weather conditions, and terrain type.

A BAL assessor is usually the best person for the job, acting as an engineer, building surveyor or chartered building surveyor.

However, there are also other professionals who have the required qualifications to carry out the BAL assessments including:

  • Building design engineers (BDEs)
  • Registered electrical engineers (REDEs)


What Is A BAL Assessor

A BAL assessor is a professional who has the experience and qualifications to ascertain the level of bushfire risk on your property.

They are registered with the building commission of Western Australia which means they have undergone specialised training in how to complete an assessment.

With their industry-recognised qualifications, they are therefore able to assess bushfire attack levels for all building types including residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

They are also qualified to provide advice on bushfire-resistant material, construction methods and development regulations relevant to the current BAL assessment process.

Where To Get A Bushfire Assessment

Bushfire and Environmental Management Consultancy are an accredited BPAD bushfire consultant fully qualified to make accurate and trustworthy bushfire assessments.

With professional practices perfect for assessing the fire planning within your home, any property within Newcastle and across the Central Coast can benefit from their fire planning practices.

If your property is within a bushfire-prone area and you need help assessing your property get in contact today.