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Keep Fire Safe the Easy and Affordable Way

At Bushfire and Environmental Management Consultancy (BEMC), we provide a range of services to help Newcastle clients mitigate risks associated with bushfires. Additionally, our consultants will formulate effective strategies to help you respond optimally should a bushfire occur. We bring more than two decades worth of industry experience to the job, and we always put the safety and wellbeing of our clients first.

At BEMC, we provide bushfire strategic management planning, assessment reports, emergency planning and a host of other services. Our Newcastle bushfire consultants will thoroughly examine your premises and highlight all areas that pose a significant hazard. We are also able to assign controlled burning contractors to add an extra dimension of fire safety to your home or business.

If you would like to find out more about our services, or request a quote, contact us today on 0408 667 137.

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Why Choose Our Bushfire Services?

There are myriad reasons why BEMC is the obvious choice when it comes to Newcastle bushfire safety. These include the following:

  • We will help you develop your property in a manner that better reduces bushfire-related risks

  • Our team offer a wide scope of services to ensure your premises are compliant with bushfire regulations

  • We will develop the bushfire evacuation plans best suited for your property
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Discover why we are the preferred Newcastle bushfire safety professionals. Get in touch for a quote today.

  • Our team will explain your obligations in a clear, straightforward manner and advise what steps you can take

  • We provide hazard reduction services, as well as strategic and cultural burning plans

  • Our bushfire experts will respond to your call as quickly as possible

  • We are able to deploy controlled burning contractors throughout Newcastle

Our Newcastle bushfire consultants provide services for mum and dad developers, rural clients, Aboriginal groups, government agencies and other premises. We will ensure you are well armed with the vital information required to respond effectively to a bushfire, as well as reduce fire risk.

At BEMC, we are adept at conducting Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessments – specifying the areas of your property that are most at risk from fire damage. If you want to obtain approval for development from a local Newcastle council or certifier, a BAL certificate will likely need to be obtained.

Don’t put your occupants and assets at risk. At BEMC, our Newcastle consultants will help you formulate the optimal bushfire emergency plan for your premises. You can count on us to select the optimal evacuation route at your home or business. Contact us today to arrange a service.

We will develop a strategic plan to help you reduce bushfire risk efficiently over time. Our experts will pinpoint areas and factors that pose a hazard, as well as suggest methods you can implement to increase protection (wind breaks, trail networking, etc). We take on jobs throughout Newcastle and surrounds.

Attempting to navigate the complex maze of bushfire safety compliancy regulations for building can be daunting. Fortunately, we at BEMC are here to take the stress, hassle and guesswork out of the entire process. We offer consultations throughout Newcastle and surrounding areas.

You can depend on our team to conduct a thorough assessment of your Newcastle property, addressing all the factors that pose a prominent bushfire hazard. We will check your water supply and utilities, key access points, landscaping features, foliage and other vital areas.

Bushfires can spread extremely rapidly in certain weather conditions. As such, it’s important to have a survival plan in place that can be actioned as quickly as possible. Our Newcastle bushfire safety team will develop a plan to suit your exact property needs. Get in touch today to request a quote.

To help you gain a clearer perspective of development options in bushfire prone areas throughout Newcastle, we offer comprehensive constraint assessments. Our findings can be readily sent to your builder, architect or building designer so that adjustments can be made to protect your property.

At BEMC in Newcastle, we can organise all facets of controlled burning. After our contractors have determined the suitability of the site, they will confirm the weather conditions and fuel supply is appropriate to proceed. They will then begin the burn–upscaling and downscaling to maximise safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Essentially, Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) is a method of measuring the severity of a property’s potential exposure to dangers associated with fire – such as ember attacks, radiant heat and direct flame contact. BAL is measured in increments of radiant heat (expressed in kilowatts/m2).

We recommend having a spacious kit bag available for the most important items at your property – such as your passport, driver’s license, wills, insurance papers, jewellery, heirlooms etc. However, it is even more important to ensure the kit contains vital medicines and first aid, as well as an adequate amount of food and clothing. Communication is crucial in the event of a bushfire, so we also strongly recommend back up mobile phones and phone chargers.

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