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Helping You Stay Bushfire Ready

At Bushfire and Environmental Management Consultancy (BEMC), we are all about helping clients throughout the Mid North Coast to mitigate risks associated with bushfires. Our professional team will tailor a bushfire survival plan for your needs, put together holistic safety reports, conduct bushfire attack level assessments and undertake land management services. We are also able to organise Controlled Burning Contractors (CBCs) to help direct fire away from your property and safeguard biodiversity.

With BEMC, you can help eliminate bushfire risk and arm yourself with the plan needed to respond effectively if one occurs. If you would like to find out more, or request a service in the Mid North Coast, drop us a line today. You can reach us on 0408 667 137.

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Why Choose Our Professionals?

Here are just a few reasons why BEMC is the clear choice when it comes to keeping your property prepared for bushfires on the Mid North Coast:

  • We are able to deploy bushfire consultants who will examine your property, pinpoint major risks, and help you optimally respond to them

  • Our team will provide assistance and guidance for restoring land ravaged by bushfires

  • We can create a wide-ranging constraint assessment that will help you plan the development of land that may be prone to bushfires (in a way that meets all legal requirements)
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Do what’s right for your property—contact the friendly team at BEMC today.

  • Our professionals will arrange strategic and tactical burn implementation to reduce the risk of bushfire damage

  • We bring more than two decades worth of experience to the job – including experience in national parks

  • We will answer any questions or concerns you may have directly

Our knowledgeable bushfire consultants on the Mid North Coast will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your land and develop a strategy to better protect it in the event of a bushfire. At BEMC, our consultants also offer services to help restore land that has been decimated by bushfires.

At BEMC, we provide Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) certificates and reports to clients throughout the Mid North Coast. These are crucial for certifying that your property (or proposed development) does not fall within the flame zone and that it has optimal access to water, electricity and other vital resources.

When it comes to bushfires, it’s essential to consider both how to prevent them and what you would do in the event of a crisis. Our consultants offer bushfire emergency planning for clients throughout the Mid North Coast. This includes safe exit routes and evacuations for both businesses and households.

Our team will help you develop the best possible strategy for mitigating risk associated with bushfires. We will conduct field surveys, examine previous bushfire reports and plans, offer assessments for the maintenance of Mid North Coast biodiversity, plus much more.

At BEMC, we appreciate that it can be difficult to know what steps to take when it comes to ensuring your building plans are compliant with bushfire regulations. That’s why we offer thorough building and planning compliance services to customers throughout the Mid North Coast. Get in touch today to find out more.

A bushfire assessment report is a vital document when it comes to designing and constructing buildings in bushfire prone areas. We can create these reports by assessing your foliage, the slope of the area and other key factors. Our team provide reports for clients throughout the Mid North Coast.

If a bushfire occurs, having a well thought out emergency plan in place could well save the lives of you and your family. We at BEMC are fully accredited to tailor survival plans for your unique property and needs. Land management services are also available, and we take on jobs across the Mid North Coast.

If you are thinking about purchasing vacant land and would like a constraints study to indicate how your development can accommodate bushfire risk, we have you covered. We are able to provide our assessment findings to builders, architects, building designers and other relevant personnel on the Mid North Coast.

To help better safeguard your home from bushfires, we can deploy controlled burning contractors throughout the Mid North Coast. These professionals can strategically burn areas – better protecting your property and its biodiversity in the event of a bushfire. Post burn evaluation and reporting is also available.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your property has trees or shrubs within 20 metres from your home, you live along the coast near scrub, or you are surrounded by farmland, the risk of bushfire damage will be greater than normal. However, that’s no reason to panic. There are a range measures you can put in place to minimise this risk.

In general, it is recommended that controlled burns in bushfire prone areas be completed at least once every three years. However, more frequent controlled burns may be needed in certain conditions. Your local bushfire safety professional should be able to provide the optimal time frame for your circumstances.

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