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Bushfire and Environmental Management Consultancy specialises in bushfire and land management services for:
  • Mum and dad developments
  • Land developers
  • Rural landowners and managers
  • Local, state and federal agencies
  • Aboriginal groups and community groups
We service the below council areas:

Overview of Our Services

As an Accredited BPAD Bushfire Planner with Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA) and vast land management experience, we implement industry best practices within fire and land management planning and assessment.

Our services include:
  • Pre-construction constraint assessment
  • Bushfire due diligence reports
  • Complying development certificate (also known as BAL Certificate)
  • Bushfire Assessment Reports (also known as Bushfire Threat Assessments)
  • Bushfire building and planning compliance
  • Bushfire design briefings and bushfire analysis report
  • Bushfire Compliance Certificate (BCC)
  • Strategic Bushfire Management Plans
  • Bushfire evacuation and emergency plans
  • Prescribed hazard reduction strategic and cultural burning plans
  • Development of reserve management plans
  • Development of vegetation management plans
  • Threatened species surveys and implementation of recovery plans
  • Pest animal and noxious weed surveys and mapping
  • Development and implementation of restoration and recovery plans.
Tree Burning — Bushfire Services In Harbour, NSW

Our seasoned consultants can assess the risk of bushfire damage at your property. After a thorough inspection, we advise you on the steps you can take to mitigate risk and remain compliant with safety regulations.

A Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) certificate is needed to confirm your business (or access to your business) does not fall into the flame zone. It also certifies that protection measures are in place for water, gas and electrical systems.

Our team will develop a clear set of procedures you can implement in the event of a bushfire to minimise risk to occupants and assets. Contact us today to arrange a bushfire emergency planning service.

We will formulate the optimal strategic plan to help maximise bushfire safety at your premises. Our comprehensive plans will identify hazards, as well as factor in considerations relating to biodiversity.

At BEMC, we are committed to helping you navigate the complex maze of requirements to ensure your property is compliant with bushfire regulations. Get in touch today to arrange a service.

At BEMC, we compile detailed reports regarding your property’s bushfire safety. We will assess access points, asset protection zones, distances from vegetation, water supply, landscaping factors and more.

Having a well-formulated bushfire emergency plan in place could represent the difference between life and death. Our team will formulate the optimal survival plan for your unique requirements.

If you are considering purchasing vacant land and would like to gain an understanding of significant bushfire risk elements, get in touch. We provide bushfire constraint assessment services.

Our team can plan strategic burning to increase the level of bushfire safety at your property. The four-stage program we implement will ensure the optimal steps are followed before, during and after the burn.

Forest Restoration — Bushfire Services In Harbour, NSW
Forest Restoration — Bushfire Services In Harbour, NSW

About Our Business

The heart of Bushfire Environmental Management Consultancy is delivering a professional service to meet our clients’ needs. Our dependability and client-focus provide BEMC with a platform to assist our clients in achieving their project requirements. Our passion is to ensure appropriate management and sustainable use of our natural resources, working ethically to ensure our landscape is enhanced for future potential.

BEMC Director, Samantha, has over 15 years’ experience in small business development and administration and has completed the University of Technology Sydney Bushfire Protection course. Samantha brings a high level of honesty and ethical behaviour to BEMC to ensure we provide excellent services to grow the company. Sam provides business management to our bushfire consultants.

You don’t need to be very close to a natural scrub or forest to feel the effects of a bushfire. The wind can spread embers from the fire in many different directions, causing smaller fires to appear elsewhere. They also spread a lot faster in hot weather and dry conditions. Our bushfire consultants at BEMC are trained professionals that assess the risk of bushfire-related damage to your land and property.

Some additional risks that our bushfire consultants aim to mitigate are the effects of radiant heat and smoke. The heat from a large wildfire can be just as damaging as the flames as it can melt through many different building materials. The smoke from a bushfire can be life-threatening and having an emergency evacuation plan in place is crucial.

Your Safety, Our Priority

We offer a range of bushfire services to reduce the risk of fire damage to your property and assets. Some of our typical clients include mum and dad developments, land developers, rural land owners or managers, local, federal and state agencies, and community or Aboriginal groups. No matter the type or size of the property – we can help to get it bushfire safe.

01 Assessment

Before you build on your land, have a comprehensive bushfire assessment done by our consultants. Our due diligence pre-construction assessment reports can help you identify ways to design a building that will be safer during a bushfire. We also issue BAL certificates, bushfire compliance certificates and bushfire compliance certificates and bushfire assessment reports for property owners, buyers and sellers.

02 Planning

Once we have assessed your risk levels, we can help to plan for a bushfire. We develop emergency and evacuation plans and recommend a range of bushfire protection measures to protect your property. We can also establish and implement prescribed burning procedures for larger properties.

Flame Of Fire — Bushfire Services In Harbour, NSW

03 Recovery

If a fire has already destroyed your property and damaged your land, we can help to restore it. We develop bushfire recovery documents that inform you of the best bushfire protection measures to reduce the impact of a future fire.

Bushfires are a natural occurrence and they don’t need to pose a threat to our biodiversity, your property or your health. Choose BEMC as your professional team of bushfire consultants in Newcastle and surrounding areas. Our comprehensive bushfire risk mitigation services can help keep you and your property safe during the blaze.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find out if your lot is identified as bushfire prone land by completing a search on the NSW RFS website.

You will need your lot / DP or your street address. If your lot is identified as bushfire prone land you will require further documentation to assist your development.

At Bushfire & Environmental Management Consultancy, our bushfire consultants are accredited professionals specialising in assessing, planning and managing bushfire risks. We offer a range of services, including pre-construction constraint assessments, bushfire due diligence reports and bushfire assessment reports, among others.

Our expertise extends to creating bushfire evacuation and emergency plans, as well as strategic bushfire management plans. We also work with a diverse clientele to ensure that your properties are prepared for bushfire events.

Living in areas prone to bushfires requires a proactive approach to safety. A bushfire consultant not only assesses the risk of bushfire damage to your property but also advises on mitigation strategies.

At Bushfire & Environmental Management Consultancy, we develop clear sets of procedures you can implement in the event of a bushfire to minimise risk to occupants and assets. In essence, our consultants provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve taken all possible steps to protect your property and loved ones.

At Bushfire & Environmental Management Consultancy, our consultants employ a multifaceted approach to assess and manage bushfire risks. We start with a comprehensive assessment of your property, evaluating factors like access points, asset protection zones and proximity to vegetation.

Based on this assessment, we develop strategic bushfire management plans that identify hazards and consider biodiversity factors. These plans are tailored to your unique requirements and can include everything from prescribed hazard reduction strategies to emergency evacuation plans. The ultimate goal is to maximise your safety. For more detailed information on our services, you can give us a call.

A Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) certificate is an important document that confirms your property does not fall into the flame zone and that adequate protection measures are in place for water, gas and electrical systems.

This certificate is often required for building compliance and provides a standardised measure of the risk posed by potential bushfire attacks on your property. Obtaining a BAL certificate is an important step in the building and planning process, serving as an official endorsement of your property’s preparedness for bushfire conditions.

Bushfire emergency plans are documents outlining the procedures to follow in the event of a bushfire. These plans are designed to minimise risk to both occupants and assets. They include details such as evacuation routes, emergency contact numbers and the location of safety equipment. Having a well-formulated bushfire emergency plan could be the difference between life and death in a bushfire event.

If you’re considering purchasing vacant land, a bushfire constraint assessment can provide you with an understanding of significant bushfire risk elements. This assessment is particularly useful for potential land buyers and developers, offering insights into the feasibility and safety considerations of a prospective land purchase.

At Bushfire and Environmental Management Consultancy, our controlled burning contractors are experts in orchestrating planned burns to elevate the safety standards against bushfires on your premises.

Utilising a four-stage program, our team plans and executes controlled burns, ensuring that best practices are adhered to at each phase—before the burn, while it’s happening and in the aftermath. This methodical approach serves as a preventive strategy to diminish the amount of combustible material on your property, thereby lessening the likelihood of an intense bushfire occurrence. To get a more detailed assessment of our bushfire safety services, you can give us a call.


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