Do I Need A BAL Report?

Forest Burning Caused By Bushfire

If you’re planning a property development in a bushfire-prone area, you may need to obtain a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Certificate or Report. BAL Reports are crucial for ensuring your property development complies with necessary regulations. Bushfire and Environmental Management Consultancy offers expert assessments, planning, reports and BAL Certificates to clients throughout the Hunter Valley, […]

What is a BAL certificate, BAL Assessment or BAL Report?

BAL stands for Bushfire Attack Level. The bushfire industry has commonly used the terms Bushfire Attack Level certificates, bushfire risk assessments and bushfire attack level reports to describe the bushfire documentation required to obtain development consent from your local council. To determine the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL), the slope and type of vegetation are determined. […]

Bushfire Survival Plans

Bushfire survival plans are a series of agreed steps which form a bushfire evacuation plan and will be undertaken in the event of a bushfire progressing towards your house. The plan is developed prior to the bushfire season to allow occupants to rationally, sensibly and without time pressures determine what steps they will take. It […]

Vegetation threats

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If you’ve called a Bushfire consultant to obtain a BAL report, one of the most integral elements within Bushfire assessments for the consultant is assessing the classifiable vegetation. All vegetation within 140m of the proposed or existing building in all direction needs to be taken into consideration. In NSW there are seven different types of […]

Bushfire Port Stephens

BUSHFIRE PORT STEPHENS BLOG — Bushfire Services In Port Stephens, NSW

As the Port Stephen bushfire consultants, we complete bushfire reports and BAL certificates in our local Port Stephens area. Bushfire assessments in Fingal Bay, Shoal Bay, Nelson Bay, Anna Bay, Corlette and Soldiers Point can use the unique weather of Port Stephens in bushfire assessments and bushfire reports to reduce your requirements. We commonly find […]

Asset Protection Zones

2 Asset Protection Zones — Bushfire Services In Port Stephens, NSW

An APZ or Asset Protection Zone is one of several other elements that make up what are called BPMs – Bushfire Protection Measures. These measures are in place to assist in the survival of a building in the event of a bushfire event, to ultimately preserve life. Extract from Planning for Bushfire Protection, 2019 Prior […]

Bushfire Assessment Methodology

The Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) measures the severity of a building’s potential exposure to radiant heat (as well as ember attack and direct flame) and is calculated through a series of bushfire behaviour and fire engineering calculations. There are two ways to determine the BAL. Simplified procedures, also referred to as Method 1. This method […]

BAL Construction Costs

2 Asset Protection Zones — Bushfire Services In Port Stephens, NSW

As a bushfire consultant undertaking Bushfire Reports and BAL Certificates I often get asked what is the difference in the construction costs for different BAL levels? Surprisingly there has not been a lot of research on this, although building construction standards are viewed as one of the major bushfire protection measures. It was reported in […]